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How to go Viral on Instagram In 2023

Going viral on Instagram can be a great way to gain more followers and increase your reach on the platform. Here are some tips to help you go viral on Instagram

1. Create Relevant Content

Unless you know your audience well, you can’t deliver them any value.

That makes understanding your potential audiences one of the key rules to creating content that resonates.

The more related your audience feels to your content, the higher your chances of getting better engagements.

But firstly, you should ask yourself:

Who are you targeting?

What are their expectations?

Does your content resonate with your target audience?

Answers to these questions are the starting move. For what we believe is, you can only entertain or educate someone if you know what triggers their emotions.


2. Don’t Miss Out On Trends

Social media trends are crazy! But, once they get into the audience’s minds, they can do record-breaking things for you.


3. Think Outside The Box

Instagram rewards originality. Simply reposting trendy content will do no good to your Instagram page.

Suppose you are a content creator who strives to go viral on Instagram. Though you’re getting decent views, you crave more visibility and reach.

How can you do that? Try creating more personalised content, like:

Behind-the-scene videos or bloopers

Show up for a casual meet and greet on Instagram live

Host contests and giveaways

Believe us, Gen-Z craves these kinds of engaging and personalised content.

Long story short, don’t simply follow the trends. Instead, be creative, think out of the box, and experiment as much as possible.


4. Be Consistent

Instagram is flooded with digital content creators, and if you’re inconsistent, you will soon be lost in the crowd. 

What does being consistent look like? Do you need to post daily or five days a week?

Well, that depends. 

The important thing is to let your viewers know that you’re available, and they can expect new content from time to time.


5. Push Reels to Your Feed

Instagram reels are one of the fastest-growing features when it comes to pulling viewers and going viral. According to a Social Insider, reels have an average engagement of nearly 2%, double of any other post type.

Instagram reels can be anywhere between 15 and 90 seconds. That’s exactly what people want. Right? Short-form content.

Simply put, reels create more engagement. You don’t have to be an artist to do that. Simply add some trendy music, be creative, and you’re good to go.


6. Use Analytics to Your Advantage

Constantly coming up with good content ideas can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there’s a way.

Using Instagram analytics, you can study what’s working and optimise your content for maximum viewership.

Social media analytics can help you to:

Understand and relate to your audience in a better way

Come up with more specific campaigns and drive effective engagement

Give a personalised touch to your content 


7. Learn About Instagram SEO

Imagine having a beautiful Instagram page that doesn’t appear in searches. If it’s so, then it’s as good as no account.


That’s why learning about Instagram SEO is vital. It’s a process similar to Google, which ensures your name appears in the Instagram search results. This increases your visibility to more people who are interested in your content.

Here are some ways to do that

Add a proper username to your account; try using a keyword with your name

Use keywords in your profile bio and when writing post captions

Use relevant hashtags to go viral on Instagram




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