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    Arshi Khan,is an Indian model, actress, internet celebrity and reality television personality. Khan and her family moved to India from Afghanistan when Khan was four years old. Khan did her schooling and graduation at Bhopal. Later, Khan went to Mumbai to try her luck in acting and modeling. She was chosen to portray a lead role in India's first mainline Bollywood 4D historical action film titled "The Last Emperor" .She has also appeared in the Tamil film Malli Mishtu. In 2017, she was one of the participants in the reality television show Bigg Boss 11. She was earlier considered to participate in the last two seasons of the show. During her appearances on the show, she was Google India's second-most searched entertainer of 2017. In 2018, Arshi featured in a Punjabi Music video- Nakhre. Khan has featured in 5 music videos that include "Bandi", which has already gained 4.2 million on YouTube and Nain Nasheele which has already started to hit 2 million worldwide. She was a participant in Bigg Boss 14, where she joined in as one of the four challenger participants. Arshi joined The Great Khali's wrestling school CWE in 2021. Arshi who had joined Indian National Congress resigned due to professional commitments. Her journey is filled with a variety of roles, each contributing to her widespread popularity and impact in the industry and also gaining popularity on Luxe Star because of her promotion skills. As an internet celebrity, Arshi has used her online presence to connect with a vast audience, sharing engaging content and building a strong digital following. In a recent collaboration, Arshi Khan joined forces with Luxe Star, a platform specializing in brand promotion, event appearances, and connecting with fans. This partnership underscores her dedication to endorsing brands and building closer relationships with her fans. Her involvement with Luxe Star highlights her commitment to actively participating in brand promotions, making special appearances, and fulfilling fan wishes. It reflects her genuine appreciation for her fans and her desire to create more personalized connections with them. Arshi Khan's journey, modeling, acting, reality TV, and social media influence, along with her recent collaboration with Luxe Star, showcases her dedication to engaging with her audience across diverse platforms. Her ability to connect with fans through various mediums emphasizes her role as an influencer and her commitment to fostering meaningful connections with her fans.The collaboration with Luxe Star emphasizes the importance of using modern platforms to enhance brand visibility and create more genuine connections. Arshi's active involvement in these areas underscores her dedication to directly engaging with her audience, securing her place in the ever-evolving entertainment industry. Take the lead and have Arshi Khan join your brand promotions or special gatherings. Want something extra special? Ask her to craft personalized birthday, anniversary, or festival wishes for your loved ones, turning your moments into unforgettable experiences.

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